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Enid’s MetaGarden: Enid vs. Trusting

The idea of Enid wishing she could time-travel and witness the First Vision had been bouncing around in my imagination a long time before Enid’s latest faith crisis gave me an opportunity to finally use it. I designed the comic to be a sequel of sorts to a much earlier comic, “Enid vs. Knowing,” which also features the First Vision and shares some similar themes. In that comic, I had tried to keep both words and images to a minimum. For this one, however, I wanted to place Enid in a much more detailed setting to underscore her desire for something more tangible and real.

From beginning to end, “Enid vs. Trusting” underwent only slight changes. I turned Enid around in the first panel so that readers could track the range of emotion in her face as she moves through the grove. Also, in the middle panel, which originally depicted young Joseph Smith having an epileptic seizure (one explanation non-believers have given to account for the vision), I revised it to address the Prophet’s different—and at times conflicting—versions of the vision. I felt both changes added a sense of movement to the comic that drew the reader’s eyes to the reaching figure of Joseph Smith.


Kate Beaton


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